Monday, March 28, 2011

Laced Eropean Fashion Photos

I was reading through a blog of one of my friends, who adores fashion, and also, have noticed a lot of people going on about who their style icons are, and, while I don't know the first thing about fashion, I thought it would be interesting to write down who's styles I admire, and why.

The first one, has to be singer, Emilie Autumn. Her style is incredile, and it's completely unique. I've never seen anyone else pull of a style like this.
During the 'Enchant' era (2002-2005), she was very much inspired by etheral, faerie styles, as you can see in this photograph.Shown is an 1880s corset, available on the Meg Andrews web site, of bronze sateen cotton with a spoon busk and steel supports. The buff colored casings of the corset are embroidered with terracotta, yellow and cream twisted silk flowers across the top and the bottom. The top of the corset is trimmed with a machine-made braid in similar colors.

The registration mark, The Y & N Corset in an oval with The Y & N Diagonal Seam trademark Awarded Three Gold Medals, is stamped on the white cotton inside. The front opening of the corset has steel closures imprinted with "YN" -- the center with a taupe-colored tape woven with Y & N Diagonal Seam. The back of the corset has steel eyelet holes for a laced closing.
Laced fashion
Laced wall paper
Laced latest fashion
Laced looking samrt
Laced photo
Laced wall ppare

Laced picture

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